Public installation "These mental boundaries" in Florence.

Imagine if you could feel the walls you put up around yourself and see the distortion of your perception. How do we deceive ourselves? Suddenly I woke up in this tiny glass box, its hard to breath in here... The air is stale my body aches in this confinement. It is too small to contain me. I cannot see out of here clearly. I fear that my eyesight will become permanently damaged if I have to look out here any longer. I begin to feel sadness . Is this what I have become? How do I get out of here? I feel trapped. The company of my own breath makes me claustrophobic. I need to be free. How was I so blind?. These walls have put limits on me for years. The air is getting thicker. I feel my self suffocating. I’m becoming dizzy. Is recognising my own distortions of reality so nauseating? Should I not touch them and feel them? In each corner of this tiny box there is a story. My story. My fears, my pains, my doubts, my heart is in here. My soul is in here. Will I become comfortable in my box? Or do I need fresh air... I must break through these distorted walls.. I must move and dance and be free... How would society respond to seeing these boundaries and limitations in symbolic physical form? Will they stop to wonder? Will they intervene.