open air exhibition in berlin 2019 by katastrofffe

Open air exhibition concept As an artist I always want to share my work. Normally the best place to share artwork is a gallery or collectives on the internet. It seems to me that nowadays an artist is expected to apply to submit work to a gallery, and most of the times you realize that galleries are being paid to put up an artist's work and then, still, there are only certain few people coming to see it. Making an exhibition of you work open air will allow people to see your work who wouldn't usually get to see it. Your audience becomes much bigger. Some people might see your work as a part of the city or you will get the most honest opinion that doesn't depend on how many followers you have in Instagram; or if you have been published in a big magazine; the opinion of someone who doesn’t go to galleries and doesn’t respond to advertisements on TV and the Internet, someone who isn't showing off by buying ridiculously expensive conceptual art. That banana with a tape which was recently sold for 150,000$ in a gallery would end up in a hand of someone who would really need it. I put up my best pictures around Berlin and Tbilisi and by now I’ve gotten very nice messages on my social media with honest opinions: Some people took my picture home, which is not a bad result, if you count the usual expenses of paying a gallery and printing pictures or giving up a share from the sale of your work (50%). With that calculation you save more money cutting the core. It's sustainable. Of course you might think that exhibiting on the street might reduce the value of your artwork, but at the end of the day what matters is that your art reached your audience and how many people got to see it not just a specific group, not just the elite audience. An open air exhibition is basically a street art project right in between an actual exhibition and street art in the form we are used to seeing it. In the current political and intellectual climate, street art has become a vital tool for public intervention. It functions as a platform for expression, communication, and connection, much like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it easily integrates and even increases the reach of people who see your message. Art reaches people with great efficiency as well as clarity that often speaks to one on a personal level. The more people are drawn to a message broadcasted through street art, the more likely it will be for them to share it. An interesting picture soon spreads, and its viewership increases tenfold. A good example of how an artist made his way from the street to a gallery is Banksy. I am not trying to say we should stop exhibiting art in art galleries. People who go to galleries are important too. It's a good way to make connections in the art world and find financial support. What I'm saying is we can find different ways of exhibiting and spreading art to make it seen and appreciated. Also it's a way of showing art that was left after an exhibition. For example, sometimes I'm hammering my photos to the wall using nails (I like how it looks) but I can't sell that print anymore because it has holes in it. So street art is a way to recycle them. It could be seen as "art charity" that helps your pictures to be seen by another crowd that gets the chance to see something they don’t come across every day. With my initiative I want to convince more artists to share their art on the street! There are so many great artists waiting for the right time or right place and some of them never get a chance to be seen and to be appreciated and enjoyed by someone passing by. After I put my pictures up around multiple cities I got messages on Instagram from people who found them or wanted to find them asking me where exactly I left them. One of the most memorable comments I got was " it was so nice to actually touch it". In galleries no one can engage with your art through touch. Finally it's available for everyone, if you are seeking an honest opinion or support in any way. by katastrofffe