KATASTROFFFE and catastrophe comes from the Greek katastrophē meaning ‘overturning, sudden turn.

About my life as well as about my art I would say, it's been a catastrophic series of events that have brought me here, to the world of infinite possibilities and unstoppable creative and transformative Force. The obstacles placed in my path merely made me stronger, the setbacks paradoxically only pushed me further ahead. I have three degrees in fine art and worked on art field just at the different positions. Most of my life i have been traveling extensively, constantly on the move, and have been photographing people around me. Always emphasising the “free” in freelance. I also like to leave my mark in the form of street art and to tell my story with posters and sculptures.

My photography is born in between capturing routine candid shots, taken at the just unique moment in dynamic impulsive frame and scenery i plan and play as a theatre, using light and architecture in a very special way. I also use my own recreations of famous works of art. It always has a theme and deepness. I capture what I can sincerely tell, because I know it, I feel it.
I like psychologically self-confident models with a strong sexual center or hidden acting or dancing talent or if not, most of the time shooting becomes a therapy. Probably that’s why my photography is sexual but with enough mystery.

I love the good as well as the bad.
I love my lifestyle
I love my hard discipline and the effort I put into everything I do
I love my freedom of speech
I love staying loyal to my inner creative-self
I love freedom to express my true nature in art.

The beginning and end of a shadow lies between the light and darkness and may be infinitely diminished and infinitely increased. Shadow is the means by which bodies display their form. The forms of bodies could not be understood in detail but for shadow. Leonardo da Vinci


MILENA KRAVETZ (KRAWETZ) aka KATASTROFFFE (5.11.1988) Polish/Tatar origins. Currently based in Izmir, Turkey and very well traveled mostly for work around both continents Europe and Asia (lived in 35 countries). Graduated Academy of Art ADA in Florence, Italy. Has masters in Fine Art and Sculpture. Has 10 years of teaching experience on the same subject. Although doing documentary photography and filmmaking jobs for UNESCO projects. In 2017 she won an award as a director of photography for the movie “Lear to play the game” She has a deep interest in art and documentary photography and uses black and white images to represent what she feels about the people and architecture. She also enjoys and sees photography and filmmaking as very much an integral part of her creative passion where KATASTROFFFE project took the leading part. It was 10 exhibitions and more than 50 publications at the different magazines and popular creative sources on Instagram Right now she is working on a photography books, producing KATASTROFFFE clothing line, posters and postcards, travels for work & exhibitions few times a year.