face of the city project street art by katastrofffe

First and foremost, my aim for this project was to bring to life a subject of mine I had previously captured through photography; and transfer this life into a sculpture. Secondly, was the direction to express the emotion of @katastrofffe through what I call the "Face of the City”. Here, we imagine, if not at least observe, that the city is a living entity. An organism not unlike ourselves. How does it react to environmental degradation, overcrowding, lack of sleep, filth, and immorality? Street art, fortunately, has always been a form in which individuals have left their mark. Artists leave behind umbrae that incarnate the individual and/or the individuals group. In the current political and ethical climate, street art has become a vital and primary tool for public intervention. Working as a platform for expression, communication, and connection — much like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram — art reaches people with great efficiency, as well as a clarity that often speaks to one on a personal level. The more people are drawn to a message broadcasted through street art, the more likely it will be for them to share it. An interesting picture soon spreads, and its viewership increases tenfold. Sculptures are limited to 50 pieces , they are placed all around Europe: Florence, Prague, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Hamburg, Oslo, Stockholm, Moscow and St. Petersburg. 5 of them you still can buy at the Retrump Gallery in Berlin at the time of my exhibition - 14th-22nd of December!